Bellow Theatre

'Gently poetic, salt-tinged storytelling' Lyn Gardner

the washerwomen's warning

persil and ariel run the LOCAL launderette

They spend their days under piles of grubby underwear, stained shirts, and soap suds. It’s an old family business of their grandmother's, who always said, 'a rinse, lather, and scrub seems shorter with a story'. So, they're overworked and underappreciated but they always make time to tell a tale. As they start to tell of an old Breton legend about a vengeful washerwoman spirit they begin to feel a little rebellious themselves. Will they get to finish the story? Or will their past come out in the wash? And who will be hung out to dry?

In a mixture of songs, stories, and odd socks, Bellow Theatre cause some family friendly, fairy liquid fuelled chaos.




Written and Directed by Maureen Lennon

 Music by Ellie Gaynard

Cast: Charlie Sellers, Maureen Lennon, Ellie Gaynard

Commissioned by Assemble Fest 2016. Performed at Deershed Festival 2017 and Morley Arts Fest 2017. 


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Photography by Sarah Holich, Guy Sanders, Jerome Whittington, Facet Photography and Jamie Corbin.