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'Gently poetic, salt-tinged storytelling' Lyn Gardner

the amy johnson fan club

You need three things to fly: guts, goggles and a plane.

Emily has two. She doesn't need the plane, because she's a superhero. Our girl loves Amy a little too much. Because Amy was cool, broke records, wore boots. But Emily? She's just a scruffy kid from Hessle Road, with one special talent. She can fly. Without a plane. 

The Amy Johnson Fan Club is a one-woman show by Award-winning writer Rob Young, performed by Hull based actress Charlie Sellers. 


Written by Rob Young

Directed by Maureen Lennon

Cast: Charlie Sellers

The Amy Johnson Fan Club was commissioned by The Amy Johnson Festival 2016. 


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Photography by Sarah Holich, Guy Sanders, Jerome Whittington, Facet Photography and Jamie Corbin.